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Why turkey?

Why turkey?

There are a lot off reason for visiting in Turkey;

Turkey is a country located at a point where the 3 continents of the old world (Asia, Africa and Europe) are closest to each other and where Asia and Europe meet. Because of its geographical location, Anatolia has always been important throughout history and is the birthplace of many great civilizations.

Why Turkey

Surrounded by seas on three sides, it is covered by mountains, forests, steppes and all sorts of land varitations.Thegenuine friendliness and traditional hospitality of the Turkish people towards visitors is justly renowned world wide. Our country includes the famous holiday cities,beautiful resorts, museums, comfortable hotels and motels, sincere people, magnificent landscapes and etc..

There are many fantastic regions in Turkey

The Hittits, Hellens, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and the Ottomans as well as a great number of other civilisations rose and fell here through thousands of years, leaving behind a multitude of historical and archeological sites. It is in fact called the cradle of civilisations, harbouring in its bosom an incredible blend of cultures, history, archaeological sites.

To seethis geografhicalsituation and for living this athmoshpere you must be visit in Turkey.

When you come in Turkey you will enjoy..

In Turkey, as a country teeming with heritages of Mouslim,Christian and Jewish religions,much more than any other place in the world,we have started to organize tours of faith as atravelling agency specialized extensively in this particular field of tourism when the second millenium is two years ahead of us.

Each year thousands of people discover that Turkey is the home of legends and history taught in classrooms the world over.Visit the legendary Troy of Homer’s ‘ Iliad’, exotic Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.Travel to the reputed landing place of Noah’s Ark or Garden of Eden.Or the place where Mark Antony and Cleopatra met and married, Saint Clause lived, Home of Virgin Mary, Seven Churches mentioned in the testament are located.

Travel along the Old Silk Road of Marco Polo,Sail the in comparable turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and sample food fit for a sultan.And do it all in style and comfort. Modern,sophisticated resorts and casinos are plentiful.

 These things are here to be shared in a way that only the Turkish people can.The people of Turkey are as varied as their landscape,from black hair to red.from brown eyes to blue;all combine to make Turkey unique.The one thing that is uniform throughoutthis fascinating country is the hospitality of its people.

We hereby assure you that as devouted visitors of any of the aforesaid religions,you will be guided to so many sites of faith abounding within the borders of Turkey at a scale unparalled in any other parts of the world.During such cultivating and exiting tours,you will enjoy the opportunity of visiting following sites,each of which manifests unique features of heritages of different faiths;
Ankara – Modern capital of Turkish Republic as declared by Ataturk in 1923.Dates back to the Hittites,4000-3000 B.C.
Antalya – A seaport founded by Attalus,King of Pergamum,in 160 B.C.Now a lovely resort city,South Aegean Coast.
Aphrodisias – Named for the Goddness of Love, Aphrodite,in the 6TH century B.C.Also the site of one of the three sculpture schools in the ancient world.South Aegean Coast.
Aspendos – Roman city of the second century B.C.Site of the best-preserved theater in Asia Minor.
Cappodocia – An area of bizarre volcanic land formations.Although never formally a nation,was regocnized as a kingdom in 600 B.C. Became a Roman province in 17 A.D.Also recognized as a refuge for the early Christians.
Demre – Ancient Myra.Site of St.Nicholas Church.St.Nicholas lived here and was ordained Bishop in the 4th century A.D.South Coast.
Ephesus – By the 11th century B.C.Ephesuswas already a thriving seaport.Second-largest city of the ancient world,with a population of approximately 300.000.
Hiearapolis – Site of an early therapeutic center with Roman baths.Reached the height of its prosperity in the second / third centuries B.C.
Istanbul -The only city to bridge two continents,Europe and Asia.Istanbul , or Constantinople, as it was called in the past,is approximately 2600 years old Muslim capital.
Izmir – Ancient Smyrna, a vital trading port dating back approximately to the tenth century B.C. Homer was born here.Alexander the Great a citadel here.
Konya – Home of the whirling Dervishes, a mystical sect founded by the poet Calaleddin Rumi,Mevlana.This area has a history dating to the times of the Hittites.
Kusadasi – Resort town close to ancient Romans.Amazing cascades of shallow pools formed by limestone-laden thermal springs.Called the “Cotton Castle.”
Pamukkale – Discovered by the ancient Romans.Amazing cascades of shallow pools formed by limestone-laden thermal springs.Called the ‘ Cotton Castle’.
Trabzon – Founded in the eighth century B.C.Later became the furthest outpost of the Greek Empire.Major trading city in the Byzatine era.It is on black Sea Coast…istanbul


During the early days of christianity,this new religion found the territory of Anatolia,where a significant portion of it was materialized,to be very suitable medium facilitating its expansion and therefore it settled in there. Some of noteworthy events of this particular period of time are as described below:

Istanbul : In Istanbul which is one of 4 largest patriarchal center of the Orthodox, the 5th meeting Consuls was held. Istanbul has become quite important because of the Church High Sophia situated there as one of the most well known church which has managed to remain intact until the present time.Furthermore, the Patriarchate of Fener situated presently in Istanbul is of great interest from the angle of the World of Orthodox.

Içel -Tarsus : The place of birth of St. Paul who was one of the 12 Apostles of Christ and who exerted great efforts in order to spread out christianity and to make it an internationally recognized religion is Tarsus. The Church of St.Paul and the Water Well of St. Paul are located in Tarsus. Besides,in Içel there are many works of arts such as the church of Mary (High Techia),the church of Olba Temple and the churches of Holy Mother and Alahan Monestry.

Seven Churches : The Seven Churches where the christians,during those period of time when The Chistianity was banned, gatherd together in order to perform religious services and which were mentioned in the Juanna’s Revelations (Apocolyps ) are all situated in Anatolia (The churhes Ephesus, Symirna ,Bergamus ,Thyatira ,Saint Philedelphia,Laodecea)

Bursa-Iznik : Out of the meeting of the Consuls which were held 19 times ,8 of them took place in Turkey. In particular,the 1st and the 7th meeting which led to the adoption of the traditon for the Consuls Meetings were held in the High Sophia Church and the Palace of Consuls located at Iznik


Antakya : In the first century of the Chistianity, Antakya occupies a special position. According to the traditional belief, ” The Bible of Malta ” was written here. Those who believed in Jesus Christ was first named as the christians in Antakya.
(The Deeds of the Apostles 11-22-26) Saint Paulus, setting out from Antakya , made three trips in order to proclaim the Bible to the idolaters.All those facts that Saint Juanna , nicknamed as “The Golden Mouthed “was originally from Antakya ,the school of the Holy Book was located here and the churh of St. Pierre,one of the first churches of the world being situated here contribute to the fame of Antakya from religious aspects.Saint Pierre Church : This is one the oldest churches in the world. Those who believed in Jesus Christ were named as ” The Christians” in this church . This place was proclaimed as a site for pilgrimage in 1963 by the Pope 6th Paul . Every year on 29th day of June , ritual ceremonies are organised by the Catholic Church to be performed here. Furthermore,works of arts such as the stilist Monastry of St.Simon and the ruins of Seleucia Port from where Saint Pavlus has set sails in order to proclaim the Bible….

Virgin Mary Selcuk

Izmir- Ephesus House of Virgin Mary : Located at 9 kilometers away from Selcuk town on the top of Bullbul Mountain with a height of 420 meters, the holy place called ” Panaia Capulu” by the Christians is thought to have been built in IV. Century A.D.
Following crucifixation of Jesus Christ, his close friend and apostle St. Jean brought the Holy Mother to Ephesus by arranging her flight from Jerusalem and concealed her in a hut that he constructed in a corner at the outskirts of Bulbul Mountain under the cover thick woods. It is known that the Holy
Mother lived until she was 101 years of age and died at this place on Bulbul Mountain. After the christianity has spred out, a church in the shape of cross was built at this location by the Christians.In the house of Holy Mother which was proclaimed as a sacred site in 1967 by the popedom, on first Sunday following 15th day of August every year a special ritual ceremony is performed and the visitors then become pilgrims.Besides, situated in the vicinity of Izmir, are ancient works of arts such as the Basilica of St.Jean (The tomb of St. Jean who was one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ ) , the Seven Sleepers, three of the Seven Churches (Church of Symirna, Church of Ephesus ).


cappadociaCapodocia :Capodocia as an interesting valley which combines the natural beauty with the abundance of historical background and an influential region is one of the most interesting locations of Turkey as one of the sites where St.Paul stopped during his 30 years trip of missionary and selected as a site to set up the first church, being the most attractive stop in Turkey with the biggest number of churches and murals decorating these churches.The number of churches carved into stones as situated at Nevsehir, particularly around Goreme valley, at Zelve Chavushin, Ortahisar, Acikhisar, Mustafapasha, Yesiloz and Aciksaray is over 200.

Isparta : The church of St. Paul situated in the ancient city of Antiochelia in Yalvac is one of the first churches of the Christianity. Saint Paul, after he was awarded with the right of citizenship of Rome, he was baptized by Soul and Hanania. St Paul came to visit this city accompanied by St. Barnabas in the year 46 A.D. and gave his first formal sermon in the sinagogue located in here. Later on, over this sinagogue was built the church of Saint Paul.


St. Nicholas who is known as Santa Claus in the world of the christianity lived at Demre and died here. Every year international festivals of Santa Clause are held at Demre and at Kas on 6th and 7th days of December . Additionally, there exist many more interesting religous sites for the Christians such as the Monastry of Der – Ul-Zaferan at Malatya, Surmeli monastry at Trabzon, Akdamar Island and Chapanak Churches at Van , Deyne and Derbe and Binbir Churches at Karaman , Ani ruins and Mount Ararat at Kars.

Anatolia with Interesting Sites for the Jews

When Ottoman sultan Orhan Gazi conquered Bursa in year 1324, permission was granted to the community of Jews to build the sinagogue of Et- Ahaim (The three of life). The Jews who were expelled from France by Charles VI in 1324 took asylum in Edirne.
In 1492, King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isebellan of Castilia banished the Jews out of Spain. The Jews who were expelled from Spain because of their faiths and traditons and thus were turned out to be people belonging to no country , were embraced by Bayazid , the sultan of Ottoman Empire, being accepted for settlement in Anatolia.

In the meantime, the jews have since been maintaining their way of worshiping until present times in their own sinagoguers situated in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa…

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