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turkish coffeeTurkish coffee or Turk kahvesi is the perfect way to finish off a good meal.

When ordering you specify  whether  you want it sade (plain), orta (with some sugar) or sekerli (very sweet) and it is brewed with the specified amount of sugar mixed in with the coffee granules. It is served in small cups.

It is quite an art to know-when to stop drinking as one sip too many and you will end up with a mouthful of the sludgy residue which falls to the bottom of the cup.

Even this has its uses, however, as you may find a local willing to tell your fortune from it – cover your cup with the saucer, wait until it becomes cold when you will be asked to turn it upside down, turn it around several times and then your destiny will be divined from the shapes which are formed.

It is said that it was the Ottomans who introduced coffee to Europe when their retreating army left bags full of it at the gates of Vienna.

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  • Fatih Akman