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turkey marinasTurkey has several ports of call for international and local yachtsmen. The country’s popularity is certainly advantaged by her spectacular coastal straits, a past noted for the rich sea-faring literature, some of whose references are part of the everyday culture, as is the case for the Blue Cruise, and the search for the Golden Fleece.

In recent years, modern infrastructure and facilities that are considered as requirements for nautical tourism are also being developed with increasing rapidity and sophistication, catering a whole range of services commonly expected by visitors.

Modern services geared to recreational boating reaches back to more than three decades in Turkey and considerable momentum has been accumulated in terms of infrastructure, know-how and human resources, promising a still more active future for the business. Prominent Turkish private sector groups view marinas as an attractive investment that also enhances their prestige, thus have built or acquired one to include in their overall portfolio.

It is noteworthy to recall that apart from the larger installations, there are also countless points of stop and supply along the Turkish shores, which offer the advantages inherent to smaller enterprises, sometimes in a family environment, at the same time as putting the coastal geography to good use.While it boasts of two well-integrated marinas (in Girne and Gazimağusa), particular emphasis on the Marinas in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprusneeds to be put on a number of points in relation to its state of isolation susceptible to evolve in line with the Foreign relations of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and on which political haggling between Turkey and the European Union continues.


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