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Turkey estate agents

Turkey estate agents

Finding a good estate agent in Turkey can be quite difficult. Browsing the internet is fine initially, but at least 50% (probably more) websites advertising Turkish property are run by ‘sub agents’, who generally advertise overseas property on a commission basis which would be split between themselves, and whoever they send their clients to in Turkey. Find a Turkish Home Estate Agent

Many may never have been to Turkey, or if they have, may not have visited the areas or developments that clients request information on, or met the developers and agents that they send their clients to. In our opinion, it is essential for clients to know where they are going, who they are meeting, and most importantly, who they can trust. Turkish culture is very different from European, and it is always advisable to purchase through agents who are aware of these differences and understand the law thoroughly.

Wherever you go, the minute property is mentioned, someone is picking up the phone to call their ‘friend’ who has some ‘cheap property for sale’, or closing their own business to escort you to some prime investment they know of. With all the recent interest from overseas buyers, suddenly almost everyone has become a Turkish estate agent. We find the best way to avoid having to fend them off is to tell anyone WHO asks that you are purely on vacation, completely uninterested in buying property.

In Turkey, Estate Agents are open from early morning until late at night and buying property is a relatively straight forward and quick process. However, visitors should beaware that things are done differently and the best agents to deal with are usually those actually based in Turkey, with both English (as opposed to Turkish people thatspeak English), and Turkish staff


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