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The Appeal of Bodrum

The Appeal of Bodrum

What Is So Great about Bodrum?
There are places that are full of wonder and excitement where one can imagine what intriguing things await them when travelling to these exotic places.

Bodrum is one such place, whose history is as interesting and rich as it’s tourist’s attractions and past- Where do the Dorians come from? What place is known for having the having the Castle of St. Peter? Bodrum is a port on a peninsula bordering the Gulf of Golkova within the country of Turkey. What makes Bodrum such a wonderful place for history, real estate, and tourist’s attraction?Bodrum Mugla

The history of Bodrum has a significant value that establishes the foundation uponwhich modern society is based. Many historians travel to the area as a result. One of the ancient landmarks that make Bodrum’s history so rich is the Castle of St. Peter. This is especially significant because this is one of the places that The Knights of St.John had settled although the foundation for the castle was founded upon the ruins of an older structure. The Dorians (a native from Doria; One of the four main groups of people from the ancient Greeks) built the previous structure in the form of another castle. Another significant part of Bodrum’s rich history is Herodotus.

Historians often claim Herodotus was the Father of History. He was credited with writing about the Dorians arrival from Troezan at the East Coast of the Peloponnese. Another significant factor of historical value was Salmacis. A tavern was established there, resulting in one of thefirst peaceful meetings between the Dorians and the Carians. This was important considering the two people were enemies. According to legend, the nymph Salmacis fell in love with Aphrodite’s (the Goddess of beauty and love) son. They were joined into one body after Salmacis made the request by the gods.

The tourist attractions of Bodrum have significant influence on the city’s appeal. The Castle of St. Peter, which was mentioned earlier, is still standing and maintains its structure, also known as Bodrum Kalesi. The museum within the castle’s walls has many different relics from ancient periods and represents many of the different nationalities residing with the castle at one time. It houses other buildings within itswalls. Knights of numerous nationalities were charged with its defense.

The city of Halikarnassos is no longer intact, but some of the remains still bare significant interest of spectators. One of the most popular characteristics of Bodrum is the night life. There are many restaurants and cafes in which to dine, and the Bodrum Kalesi illuminates the atmosphere with all of the lights surrounding it.

One aspect of Bodrum that is magnified by the historical value and the tourist attractions is the real estate. One major event that may influence the real estate values is the International Environment. Bodrum property is also popular due to theclose proximity of Kos and Greece. Hospitals, roads, rails, telephone lines, and Internet access points are possible in the area due to its excellent infrastructure. The decreasing value of the Turkish Lira is believed to be making property values of both commercial and residential real estate increases in price.

Bodrum is a Turkish port city on a peninsula that has many attractions to stimulate interest and intrigue. Constant activity is always guaranteed. If someone wants to live in an area that practically cradles the origins of civilization, Bodrum is the perfectplace. If someone is looking for the excitement that only streets of social explosion canprovide, Bodrum can interrupt the monotony of an ordinary routine. If someone wants to see relics and vestiges of an era that no longer exists, but elicits cultural nostalgia, no one should need to travel any further than the Bodrum peninsula.

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