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Schooling in Turkey

Schooling in Turkey

There are two attitudes that foreign nationals can take towards their children’s schooling in Turkey. Some prefer to take their children to the best possible local private Turkish language school and drop them off and let them fend for themselves. This can have two effects.

First, the child learns Turkish very quickly, makes a lot of friends and is more easily naturalised. Secondly, the child is isolated, bullied andmiserable. Either way it is not recommended that the children of foreign nationals are enrolled in Turkish state schools. The second attitude is that ex-pat and foreign nationals require a higher standard of education for their children and so they are sent to private international schools. Robert College Community School

These schools, many centred in Istanbul, can be boarding or day schools or a mixture of both. They are also expert in teaching children from all over the world, mainly throughthe English language. There are many excellent private international schools in Turkey. The remainder of this article will focus on some of these to inform you of the range of choices available toyou. It is worth mentioning that private schooling in Turkey is far from cheap, but thestandard of education and range of opportunity is second to none.

The Bospherous International School is situated in Istanbul and teaches children aged from two to eleven. It has both an International Pre-School and Primary school. All classes are in English, but there are provisions for bilingual children to maintain both languages. The schools have excellent teaching staff, with additional activities such asgymnastics, art, music and dance. The School also encourages a healthy eating scheme throughout both the Pre and Primary School.

The British International School is considered to be the cream of international education in Turkey and is situated within Istanbul. The schooling is co-educational with students from over fifty different countries. Students may be enrolled from the age of two years and can follow their education through til they are ready to leave for Higher Education at eighteen. The school follows the International GCSE and the International Baccalaureate qualifications. A brand new campus opened in 2005, the facilities exceed the highest requirements for security and earthquake standards. The Istanbul International Community School is a not for profit independent school, educating children aged three to nineteen. It has two campuses, one in the residential area of Istanbul known as Rumeli Hisar.

There is also a new purpose-built campus by Buyukcekmece Lake. Originally known as the Robert College Community School, it is the oldest school serving the international community in Turkey, established in 1911. A very unusual pre-school also exists in Istanbul. The International Pre-School teaches children from age two to five years old. It is based on the philosophy of Reggio Emilia,the curriculum and approach is based solely around the interests and curiosity of thechildren themselves. There are also French, German, American and Austrian schools in Turkey, all offering aquality private education. If you were considering studying in a Turkish university,  there are fifty-four to choose from but you would require a high level of the Turkishlanguage to gain acceptance

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