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Mr. Sattar

Mr. Sattar

sattar1I am writing to thank you for your after sales service in Bodrum. After giving me the keys to my villa in Ozgur Complex Bodrum you tirelessly obtained quotes from various builders, plumbers and electricians .

Each of whom you met on site and explained the work that I wanted to be done. You have scrutinized the work that had been carried out to ensure it was to a high standard, and you resolved issues where necessary.

Afterwards, when I needed to buy furniture and white goods, you spent time scouring numerous shops advising me which ones had special offers for each item.

You did not charge anything for your time and you genuinely worked very hard to simplify everything for me.

You’ve been very helpful and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Thanks find a turkish home..

date of purchase: June 2007

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