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How to get Residence and Works Permits

How to get Residence and Works Permits

Our company provides professional counseling services in English, German, French, Russian and Turkish Languags in the areas of taking the residence and working permit in Turkey, also on proceeding to become Turkish Citizenship for the Citizens of all foreign countries.

Be able to make the process quickly and smoothly is our greatest aim to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront

We make easy all complicated proceedings and offer counceling services for the foreign nations who do not want to deal or waste to get visas and residence permits to stay in Turkey, also work permits to get a job in Turkey,.

Getting the Short-Term Residence Permit for Foreigners
Getting Long-Term Residence Permit for Foreigners
Getting Work Permit in Turkey for Foreigners

Becoming Turkish Citizenship

Our services in this matter covers that preparing and checking the necessary documents in accordance with the legislation before application be able to get successful results and keeping customer informed on transactions in own languages.

Residence Permit in Turkey
Work Permit in Turkey
Becoming Turkish Citizenship

The foreigners who want to stay in Turkey more than 90 days have to take residence permit.

The residence permits in Turkey according to the law declared in 2014 consists of 6 points:

Short – Term Residence Permit
Long – Term Residence Permit
Family Residence Permit
Student Residence Permit
Humanitarian Residence Permit
Residence Permit for the victims of human trafficking

The residence permit application are being coordinated separately for each foreigner.

Residence Permit Documents (residence permit cards) are being delivered to address of foreigners in special envelopes by Directorate General of Migration Management via PTT (Organization of Post and Telegraph) in the case of approval of applications made in provinces for residence permit in the new duration.

The residence permit booklets have been changed in the date 11.04.2014 and started to be delivered as card as arranged separately for each person. You should take care to carry your residence permit card with passport

Work Permit

The work permit in Turkey is approved for foreigners after evaluating several criterias consisting the developments at working life and such as changes in sector

The applications to Ministry consists many deep details and complicated documentary and with this reason be able to get a positive and quick results, the application should be made by experts in this matter

The Foreigners residing in Turkey in enough period are entitled for making an application to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship.

Our company offers all necessary services in this matter to finalize your applications positively and with this aim, goes through with a careful and painstaking work by checking the essential documents repeatedly and your conditions to see you have sufficient suitability or not.

Price List For Our Services
For The Residence Permit: 250 euro
For The Work Permit : 750 euro
For Citizenship Transactions : 500 euro

For more information, please contact us.

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