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Cesme Peninsula lying on the farthest west of İzmir, offering a dynamic life and authentic atmosphere.

Çeşme is situated in the farthest end of the Aegean coast of İzmir, Çeşme is the most lively, colorful and entertaining county of the city. With its beaches, bazaars and markets during daytime and the night clubs, discotheques, bars and pubs during the nighttime, this dynamic town lays merely 80 km away from İzmir. It is an absolute tourism center with all its natural beauty, bays, tourist inflow, marine transportation, marina, five-star hotels and luxurious summer houses. Named “Cysus” during the Roman era, Çeşme was the port of Eritrai, one of the twelve Ionia towns. When the commercial life improved in the 8th century BC, Çeşme –along with Eritrai- turned into one of the most important ports of East Mediterranean. Still being one of the most significant gates sea transport for Turkey, Çeşme builds a bridge between Turkey and Greece with the daily cruises to and from Chios.Cesme-Castle

The Living History in Çeşme The fortress, which was constructed in the 16th century, during the reign of Sultan Beyazıt II, with the objective of protecting the town and the port, was built with a special stucco-work. In Çeşme, along with the Aegean houses, typical reflections of Ottoman architecture blatantly meet the eye. In the Çeşme Archaeological Museum, located inside the Fortress, findings from the neighboring excavations are being exhibited. Despite the thousands of years, which passed from the antique ages and through Ottoman reign, the stonework of the museum maintained its excellence. A closer look at the stonework reveals that the tombstone style of the old world is same as that of the Ottoman tombstones. It is possible to see street fountains, symbolizing the Anatolian culture at almost each corner in Çeşme. Most of these fountains, which are either built by the state or charities of the rich, survived from 1800s.

Address of different tastes Various types of seafood and fish can be found in Çeşme. It is notably famous for its “langusta” (lobster) restaurants.

In Çeşme, one must definitely try a Kumru, a typical sandwich from İzmir region. Like many other regions in Turkey, winery is very popular on the Aegean coastline. Therefore, one can find various types of tasty wine in Çeşme, which houses rich and spacious vineyards.

Cesme-IlicaDalyan: Competition of colorsDalyan is one of the liveliest and exquisite spots of Çeşme. It impresses the viewers with its beauty during the sunrise and sunsets. With its fish restaurants, marina, houses, churches and beaches, Dalyan has two faces reflecting the day and night life. The Aya Yorgi (St. George) is one of the most popular spots of the peninsula and is a must for the visitors. Slipping into the mainland with a half-moon size, this cove has very lucid yet gleaming water.

Antique City EritraiEritrai, one of the twelve Ionia cities in the Aegean region, lays 22 km away from Çeşme. Even though its history roots back to the Bronze Age, the city’s golden age was in the 7th and 8th centuries BC. Acting as the wine trade center of the Eastern Mediterranean region, during the antiquity, the city was famous for its lumbers, goats, millstones and clairvoyants. Taken over by the Turks in the 14th century, Eritrai was later named as Ildırı or Ildır.

One of the top three surf centers of the world: Alaçatı is a unique corner with its windmills, mastic trees and winds, ideal for surfing. The colorful shutters, cobblestones narrow streets and the bay-windowed houses of the good old days, turn Alaçatı into the most authentic and romantic spot of Çeşme Peninsula. Due to its geographical location and to the suitability of the surrounding straits, Alaçatı embraces the powerful winds, blowing uninterruptedly. Both the energy driven from the windmills and the wind-surfing tourism create a considerable income for this town. Alaçatı, which used to be a well-known winery center, now draws attention with the mastic tree gardens. The winds blowing from the Mediterranean provide an ideal environment for the surf lovers. Being one of the top three wind-surf centers of the world, Alaçatı also is home to an annual international championship named “Windsurf Turkey Cup”.

Cesme-AlacatiThermal bath in the sea: The Ilıca and Şifne thermal baths, being visited for therapy for thousands of years, receive considerable attention as the most important thermal resorts of the region. According to the legend, the female clairvoyant of Eritrai, Cybl lived 9 lives, each of which lasted for 110 years. It is believed that Cybl owed this long life to the therapeutic streams of the region. In Ilıca, the curative water emerging from the sea treats people in a turquoise and crystal clear world. The temperature of the water, -which heals rheumatism, nervous system disorders, renal malfunctions and dermatological diseases-, reaches up to 50-60oC. People who swim in this spring, located only 5 km away from Çeşme, have a good time in the sea. Çeşme houses almost 100 facilities for tourists. They vary from small and humble guest houses to luxurious hotels. The five-star hotels offer a unique holiday opportunity, by providing exclusive services like VIP transfers, private marina service, thermal therapy centers etc. In this breathtaking peninsula lying on the Aegean coastline, one can enjoy beautiful sunsets each evening, regardless of the season.

Çeşme houses almost 100 facilities for tourists. They vary from small and humble guest houses to luxurious hotels.

Lying on the farthest western end of İzmir bay stretching out towards the Aegean Sea, Çeşme and its marina ornamented with beautiful yachts.

Being one of the top three wind-surf centers of the world, Alaçatı also is home to an annual international championship named “Windsurf Turkey Cup”.

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