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buying or selling a property in Turkey

buying or selling a property in Turkey

When it comes to buying or selling a property in Turkey, guides to the best places to visit in Turkey, information on local customs or areas of interest, or even relocation information, there is no substitute for local knowledge from someone who has already done what you are interested in doing, or visited the places you want to go. We have gathered together here some guides, information and articles which we hope you will find helpful.Buying Selling Property in Turkey

Turkish property investment
Taking the average of 25% capital growth, a property purchased for £60,000 with sustained growth over five years, will have a market value of £183,100 – resulting in a whopping 305% return on investment.

Non Resident Mortgages in Turkey
Excellent terms are now available from leading Turkish banks for non residents in either Turkish Lira or foreign currencies Non Resident Mortgage options

Renting property in Turkey
Turkey is a large temperate country with three coastlines and plenty of excellent opportunities for renting your property in Turkey. In many of the coastal areas demand for property is greatly out stripping supply

Inspection Trip, or going it alone?
An inspection trip to Turkey allows you the chance to view not only properties of interest, but also a varied tour of areas and local attractions plus gain a little ‘inside knowledge’ of Turkey and its customs. However, many prefer to go it alone – the pros and cons of both options.

The appeal of Bodrum
Bodrum is a Turkish port city on a peninsula that has many attractions to stimulate interest and intrigue. Constant activity is always guaranteed. If someone wants to live in an area that practically cradles the origins of civilization, Bodrum is the perfect place.

Alanya International Airport
The area of Alanya is finally getting its own airport which is due for completion in 2008 –providing excellent news for home owners, local businesses and property investors in the Alanya area.

Off plan mortgages Turkey
Previously unavailable, the new legislation allows foreigners to obtain a mortgage for off-plan property in Turkey, which is excellent news for investors and those who don’t have 30-40% in cash to put down.

Golf Resorts and Golf Courses in Turkey
If you are a golf lover, you aren’t going to be disappointed by the quality and variety of golf resorts and golf courses in Turkey. The Mediterranean coastal region boasts resort towns with excellent high quality golf courses, especially the Belek area which offers the best golfing prospects in the country.

Schools & Schooling in Turkey
There are two attitudes that foreign nationals can take towards their children’s schooling in Turkey – Turkish language school or private international school, many of which have excellent facilities and offer a high standard of education Schools in Turkey

Turkey, Estate Agents
The best estate agents to deal with are usually those actually based in Turkey, with both English (as opposed to Turkish people that speak English),and Turkish staff.

Holiday in Turkey
The total package of sea, beaches, bazaars, mountain-sides, historic places, tempting climate and affordable stays have made Turkey into the holiday hot-spot that it is today. Holidays inTurkey are centered in and around the Mediterranean Sea coast, the Aegean Sea Coast, the Sea of Marmara or the Black Sea.

Property Market Turkey
For many reasons, it is considered that now is the best time to invest in the property market in Turkey. The cost of living is low but the availability and quality of its produce is high; the summers are long, and property prices are currently very competitive.

Why Invest in Bodrum?
By investing in Bodrum property, you can watch your investment grow as major investment in the region will see house prices rise sharply. Bodrum itself is a play ground for the affluent, but in smaller villages around the penninsular, property prices are still low compared to the town itself.

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